Dade Paper’s Innovations Expo Connects People and Products

The traditional trade show is alive and well here at Dade Paper.  Our B2B marketplace is still one that thrives on personal relationships and the nature of our products are often tactile.  Customers rely on us to provide a portfolio of solutions not simply a catalog, digital or print.   Customers, both large and small, look to Dade Paper’s sales consultants to help them source the best products for their unique needs so they can focus on their own business goals.

By attending Dade Paper’s semi-annual Innovations Expos, buyers can literally get their hands on thousands of the latest products from the world’s best manufacturers, see live demonstrations and have face-to-face conversations with industry experts.

While technology certainly helps people connect with business partners in very efficient ways, PCs and mobile devices cannot sit down for a cup of coffee and discuss opportunities to address today’s business challenges.   And, we still believe that a hand shake and a warm smile are the best way to thank our customers for their business.

Please visit or for information about our semi-annual events.

Author: Imperial Dade

Imperial Dade is the leading independent distributor of foodservice packaging, industrial packaging, janitorial supplies and equipment in the United States. We serve 65,000 customers nationwide. To learn how we can help your business thrive, contact us today!

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